Friday, October 4, 2013

Pizza at Home

I love the Masterchef Australia series. I've finished watching all 65 episodes of Season 5, but I happened to catch a rerun of Episode 17 on television, which is the Masterchef Pizzeria challenge of Italian Week! Watching Emma pounding away at the pizza dough made me want to get my hands dirty too. Here's a sneak peak of what my pizza dough looked like at one point:

The post with details of the dough and how therapeutic I find the process, coming soon.

For now, here are pictures of the pizza I made for dinner. Instead of using tomato sauce, I spread the base with some home-made hummus (recipe here), and loaded chopped tomatoes, slices of eggplant and chunks of cheese on it. It was delicious - even more so eaten the next morning with dollops more hummus on it ;-)

How many of you make your own pizza dough?

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