Things I Learn

These are random little things that I learn in the kitchen. Some borrowed from the chefs I obsess over on TV (Nigella Lawson, Donna Hay, Kylie Kwong, Jamie Oliver, Aaron Craze, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Chin... The list is pretty much endless.)

1. When trying to melt butter on a stove, or using it for cooking, adding a few drops of oil will prevent it from burning.

2. Aluminium foil DOES NOT work as baking parchment, or adequate lining for baking trays.

3.If cakes/cupcakes start browning on the outside, but aren't cooked on the inside, the oven temperature is too high. Try again on a lower temperature, for a longer time.

4. Pancha phutana  is a mixture of cumin, mustard, fennel, fenugreek and nigella (kalonji) seeds, very commonly used in Oriya/Bengali kitchens.

Will keep updating. :)

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