Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cooking in Den Haag: Basic Stir-Fry

This is the most basic, throw-all-your-veggies-in kind of thing. I cut up any/all the veggies I have, make a simple flavour mix, stir fry everything and its done! 

What I used here:

(For the flavours)
Extra virgin Olive Oil
Green Chillies, sliced
Garlic, whole cloves, peeled, roasted/softened in a pan
half a Lemon

Celery (because its SO HEALTHY! GO GET SOME!)
White Onions, sliced lengthwise
Broccoli, cut into small florets
Yellow Peppers, sliced lengthwise (to make it look pretty. I was playing with green, yellow and white.)
Button Mushrooms, sliced
Tauge (mung bean sprouts) 

Start with the flavours to give them time to combine. Put the olive oil in a bowl, then slice the green chillies lengthwise and dunk them in the oil. 

Add the pan-roasted garlic and gently mush them around (not too much) in the oil with the chillies.

Squeeze in half a lemon. Done! Set aside.

This is what celery looks like. I have never seen this in India. Its one of the few foods that have "negative calories" i.e. your body uses more energy to digest this, than what the celery produces in you. Or something like that. Anyway, its mostly water and fiber.

Slice the onions, yellow peppers, and cut the broccoli into manageable florets.

Cut the celery into small c-shaped bits, and bring out the tauge (sprouts, yum.)

In a wok, start with barely half a tsp of oil, just for a light film all over it. Let it heat up high.

Throw in the onions first, then the broccoli. Toss around for a few minutes, till the onions soften and broccoli starts smelling good. (Yes, I mean it - smell it).

Next, the tauge and mushrooms. Toss everything together till the mushrooms are tender but not too soft.

Finally add the yellow peppers and pour the oil+chillies+garlic+lemon into the wok. Toss everything together and turn off the heat.

Done :) That's a large plateful of veggies. Eat and be happy.

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