Sunday, November 4, 2012

Budapest! Oktogon Bisztro

We were in Budapest for three days. Our hosts took us to this charming little bistro for an all-you-can-eat Hungarian food thing, and it was brilliant :D

1190 HUF =  roughly 5 euros. How great. :D

Oktogon Bisztro - at Oktogon, one of the stops on the yellow line, towards Hero Square. :)

Not sure what we ate. I just have lots of pictures. The first one (below) is Goulash.. A spicy soup full of meat and vegetables and paprika. I loved it :D

I recommend this place to anyone visiting Budapest, for a taste of good Hungarian food. 5 Euros for all you can eat is VERY CHEAP, trust me! And the food is heaven on a plate :)

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