Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Random Orange Cake

My dad randomly said he wanted to eat Orange Cake.

My mom has a recipe for Orange cake that everybody in the family absolutely loves. I found the old recipe, but was having a little trouble following it. I ended up making my own random cake.. Which turned out quite well! So yay for happy endings :) Here's what I did:

0.75 cup caster sugar
0.55 cup butter
1.80 cups cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 pinch salt
2 eggs
1 orange
orange juice

I creamed the butter and sugar together.
It was at this point that my mom's original recipe called for dried orange zest to be added. I had trouble zesting the orange (it was fresh), so I ended up halving the orange and squeezing all the pulp into the mixture. I'm not sure this is the technically correct way to make a cake.. But I really don't care. :P

I was worried about the consistency that my invented cake might have. So, instead of directly adding the eggs to the butter+sugar+orange mixture, I whisked the eggs in a separate bowl to incorporate some air in it, and added the whisked eggs.

Sieve the flour+baking powder+salt in a separate bowl. Gradually add these dry ingredients to the creamed mixture and fold them in.

At various stages the cake batter might look a little.. Different from normal ones. Do not despair, POWER ON! :P

If the batter seems too dry (and it will), keep adding small amounts of orange juice to make mixing easier.

Pour and spatch the batter into a greased and floured cake tin. My batter was extremely dry and I really had no hopes for this cake, so I made a whimsical decision and poured orange juice over the top of the batter while it was in the oven.

Also sprinkled some sugar crystals on it.

Hence, the seemingly burnt top.

But thankfully, the cake has not burnt. It ended up becoming a beautiful orange colour on top, with most parts of it brown and black.. I think it looks very halloween-y :D

It tastes amazing. I thought the orange pulp might not taste so good. And I was also worried about the top of the cake. But it turned out pretty great :D

I'm happy! I hereby christen this cake -- my Random Orange Cake :P


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