Thursday, August 30, 2012

Amsterdam! - Korean Garden

Korean food in Amsterdam! I love Kimchi, and my uncle is really fond of Korean food, so he decided to take me out for a proper Korean meal :)

Korean Garden : Europlaplein 21 1078 GS ZuiderAmstel, Netherlands
020 6708323

My uncle and his colleagues took over ordering and explained all the food to me. I don't really remember what was what :P But I took pictures! :D

(above) Bindetuk
Green bean pancakes with pork and vegetables

(above) I do not remember what this is called.. And browsing their online menu is not helping :P
This is basically glass noodles, vegetables and some meat. 

(above and below) Bulgogi
Grilled marinated sliced beef with mushrooms and onions.
This was the star attraction of the meal. The beef and vegetables are brought to the table, and can be grilled on the table itself. To make it better, an egg was cracked onto the grill, and it cooked in the steam of the beef and vegetables.

(above) Cooking the Bulgogi on the table.

(above) On the table, all the sides - Kimchi, pickled cucumbers, bean sprouts, dipping sauce for the Bindetuk.

(above) Soju
This is apparently a very popular Korean drink. It tastes like vodka, but sweeter and lighter (about 15% alcohol), and is drunk straight. Warning: Can intoxicate. :P

My uncle and his Korean colleagues remarked that this was not the most authentic food they had tried, and told me about places in London which served better Korean. Still, I liked the variety and versatility of it. 

Korean food: Loved it. :)

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