Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bombay Chronicles: Theobroma

Address: 24, Cusrow Baug, Electric House, Colaba, Mumbai

This post should ideally be called "Busting Bombay Myths: Theobroma".

Call me cynical, call me disloyal to dessert, but I went to Theobroma with sky-high expectations, and was quite disappointed. I blame all of you who told me it was "heaven on earth" and "the best dessert place EVER." If I wouldn't have gone in with so many expectations, I would have probably liked it more. Hmph.

I went to Theobroma thrice. Once, a mad dash from office during lunch hour to try their legendary cheesecake. Second time, a dessert-only-dinner with my flatmate, and the third time, to try their hot chocolate at the end of a long, late night walk down Causeway. The savouries, we ordered only as breaks between the desserts (major case of too much sugar in mouth.) I couldn't take pictures of everything I tried there, but here are some of them:

(above and below) Chicken Pasty
Small snack between desserts. Very very nicely done - the pastry is delicate and thin, and the stuffing is perfect.

(above) Cookie Brownie
People RAVED about Theobroma Brownies. Walk in through the door, look to your left and you will literally faint at the sight of trays and trays of perfect-looking brownies. I loved the presentation. I probably tried the wrong kind of brownie though. Very regular, standard-brownie-recipe, this. I was so sad :(

(above) Hash Browns
Another break between desserts. This, I loved. Never had better hash browns. Perfectly mashed potatoes with cheese, fried and served.. Can't complain! I liked the hash browns, something that probably no one ever orders at Theobroma, better than the brownies. :P 

(above) Pain Au Chocolat
This.. Was perfection on a plate. Soft, buttery, flaky pastry, stuffed with melted chocolate. Ask for it warmed, and feel your heart sing as you bite into it and the chocolate dribbles down your chin. If you ever find this on the shelves at Theobroma, make sure you order it, first thing in, so that it doesnt disappear by the time you get to it.

(above and below) New York Baked Cheesecake, and Hazelnut Macaron

First, the cheesecake. YES, try it. When you get it, use that fork to scrape off the whipped cream gunk on top. Listen to me, do it. Then start. It is pure perfection. Probably the only cheesecake I found in Mumbai which retained the tart flavour of cream cheese, I strongly recommend this cheesecake over any other for the real New York experience in Mumbai. For all you sweet-anything lovers out there: Overpoweringly sweet, mousse-like cheesecake IS NOT CHEESECAKE!

Second, the Macaron. Before you smirk and correct me, yes, it is a Macaron and NOT a Macaroon. Macaroons are Coconut or Almond paste, small mound-like, merangue-like confections. Macarons are what you see in Theobroma and Gossip Girl (Blair eating away to glory). Confectionary lesson over, now back to the Hazelnut Macarons at Theobroma. Very very nicely done, they look perfect. A little too sweet for my taste, but definitely gift-worthy. A little box of these Macarons with a ribbon around it would make anyone happy :)

I also tried the Hot Chocolate and Adult Hot Chocolate, and a White Chocolate pastry that was incredible. Careful with the Adult Hot Chocolate, the rum in it left me reeling for a while ;) The normal hot chocolate was like slightly diluted ganache - in other words, orgasmic.
I also want to try Theobroma Breakfast - the menu looked amazing.

Definitely not a bad place to go, if you know what to order. I definitely recommend this for good food and amazing hot chocolate :)

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  1. You've lauded all except the brownie. So you couldn't have been disappointed on the whole. Good then that you didn't title the post as Busting the... :)