Friday, June 21, 2013

Store-bought Tortellini with Easy Sauce

In my last few days at The Hague, I didn't want to buy fresh ingredients that would stay over in the refrigerator after I left. I ended up buying ready made pasta from the supermarket. What I have here is ham & cheese tortellini, all made and ready to go. The instructions on the packet were clear, that I just had to boil the tortellini till they floated to the top, but it was too boring to eat them that way!

While the tortellini was coming to a boil, I heated some olive oil and threw in sliced garlic and chopped chives. As soon as the pasta was done, I drained it and dunked it into the hot garlicky oil, tossed it around, and put in some roughly cut fresh mozzarella. At this stage, I turned off the heat and kept tossing everything together. The cheese melted slightly, and coated the pasta nicely.

Some fresh pepper on top, and done. :) Ready-made tortellini made fancy in minutes.

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