Monday, September 3, 2012

Cooking in Den Haag: Basic Meals

A lot of times, there isn't really time for me to cook every meal. This is what a regular, quick breakfast or lunch here is like:

Microwave-scrambled eggs (easiest way to make them, thanks Aparna!),
bread (usually whole-wheat/multi-grain/something else really incredible, all the bread here is great!),
Some cheese (here I'm trying all three that I bought the first time),
Lemon tea (they call it "thee" here. Hee hee :P)

Bread, with a garlic-herb-spread,
Cold cuts (here, shoulder ham),
Lemon tea

Quick, easy, convenient, healthy :) I love the different kinds of breads, cheeses and meats available here.. Makes stocking food at home so exciting!

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