Thursday, September 13, 2012

Cooking in Den Haag: Pan Fried (Asian) Pork, Onions and Potatoes

Quick wholesome one-pan meal for those times when I don't feel like eating more bread.

What I used:

Pork steak (Don't ask me what cut it is. It doesn't have a bone.)
Soy sauce
Red Chilli Sauce
Sea salt
Half a white onion
Baby potatoes
Oil to cook

In a bowl, mix one spoon each of soy sauce, chilli sauce and honey. This is my ready-to-go asian flavour mix for most dishes. Works with chicken, mushrooms, and clearly, even pork. Put the pork in the mixed sauce. Squirt half a lemon onto the pork, rub in some sea salt and coat evenly.

In a pan, heat a bit of oil. When it is moderately hot, add the chopped garlic and wait till it starts browning slightly.

Put in the pork in the hot oil. Careful, it splashes. Spoon the remaining sauce over the pork. Cook for about 3 minutes on each side, remove from pan and keep on a plate. Pork should not be overdone - it becomes chewy! It sounds be slightly browned on the outside and still pinkish inside.

The oil, garlic and sauces will keep bubbling in the pan. This is good.

Add the chopped white onion to the bubbling liquid in the pan.

Throw in the baby potatoes. Cook till everything is done, and the sauce is sticky around the onions and potatoes.

Arrange the pork on a bed of lettuce. Strew the onions and potatoes around it, and drizzle remaining sticky sauce over everything.

One pan. Meat, greens, potatoes. Happy. :)

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