Monday, September 3, 2012

Say Cheese! : Three French Cheeses



Found these at a market in Amsterdam. I wasn't sure what I was picking, but they looked and smelled really good!

1. French Cheese, I couldn't find any websites explaining this particular one :( Very soft and creamy and tastes mildly like what we like to call mozzarella in India. My favourite out of the three! 

2. Montagnard Cheese
Cookipedia says: Cow's milk cheese produced in the village of Le Tholy in the French region of Lorraine. Made exclusively from milk collected from farms above 600 metres, around the area. This gives the cheese its robust flavour and creamy texture.
This is another soft, creamy cheese, flavour is a little stronger than the first one. Colour is gorgeous! Really like this one too.

3. This is goat cheese. Again, very creamy, has a distinctive flavour. I didn't like the aftertaste too much, so planning to find ways of cooking it, maybe with spinach in tarts? Suggestions welcome!

Lots more to come, say cheese! :D

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